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A quick update about the OzSBI’s EPIC 16 Business Pitch Competition. There were 13 submissions in total, with a wide range of products and ideas. We were selected to move on to the final pitch competition as one of three businesses that will get a chance to pitch at the main event on May 3, 2016. What was our pitch you ask? It was our new game project, Cat Ladies – The Feline Collecting Card Game. Many of our regulars here have probably already had a chance to see and/or play the game at some point in the past few months, but for those of you who haven’t the basics of the game are as follows:

  • The game plays out over several rounds
  • Race to collect different cat cards, based on the Cat Lady card you are dealt
  • Use Special cards against your opponents or on yourself
  • Be the Cat Lady with the best cats at the end to win

I started the game as a paper prototype example for my students last Fall semester. I also incorporated some ideas out of my final class for my Masters that ended last August, about whether or not you could make any topic into a fun game or not (I also might have drawn some small inspiration from my Mother in Law and her growing collection of cats). My plan is to mass play test the current version of the game at OzCon 2016 to work out any remaining kinks or issues. Then sometime towards the end of the Summer launch a Kickstarter for the production of the game.

You can find out about the latest updates to the project on its game page, and keep an eye out for a post on paper prototyping in the near future.

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