Cat Ladies Prototypes Have Arrived!

New Cat Ladies Prototype Decks and Tuck Boxes

The first two prototype decks for Cat Ladies arrived earlier this week! We ordered the prototypes from The Game Crafter, a print on demand website that I will talk about more in my future post on paper prototyping a game. Overall, I am fairly satisfied with the quality of the prototype decks, the only real issues were on my end. Coming from a digital background, I made all the artwork in the RGB color space and forgot that the printing world revolves around the CYMK color space. I think this is why the colors appear to be too bright or vibrant compared to the intended look for the game.


Tuck Boxes Comparison

As you can see in the image above, the planned color for the game’s tuck box is closer to Tiffany Blue, which is much lighter than the darker Teal Blue of the box from The Game Crafter on the right. The box on the left is not the actual color either, due to it being printed on a home printer on standard card stock, but it is closer to the final desired result.


Prototype Example Card

In the image of the card above you can see the other two issues in the prototype decks. The first is again my fault, I forgot to allow an appropriate amount of a bleed color, in my case black, around the edges of my cards. Without the extra bleed, several of the cards show white around the edges due to the nature of the manufacturing process, there can be a small amount of slipping as the dies are cutting the cards from the card stock. This small movement of the material as it is being printed would have not been as noticeable if the black extend outwards a few more millimeters. The second issue is that the certain colors are too vibrant when they should be subdued. The orange cat in the cards above should not be goldfish orange, but a more subdued shade. Again, I think this is mainly due to the fact that I submitted the artwork for my cards in the wrong color space.


Second Cat Ladies Prototype Deck It feels great to have the game moving to the next step in the production process, and we are looking forward to getting to play test it at OzCon 2016 in a couple of weeks. If you are planning to attend OzCon this year, make sure to stop by and play a game with us at our booth. For more information about Cat Ladies – The Feline Collecting Card Game be sure to check back here over the next few months as we move closer to launching the game.

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