Cat Ladies

Cat Ladies Print and Play Prototype
Cat Ladies Paper Prototype

(The above images are of prototype versions of the game, and do not represent the final artwork or quality of the finished version of the game.)


Cat Ladies – The Feline Collecting Card Game is our latest game from Silicon Forge Studios, and our first foray into the physical table top game market. It is a deck building, take-that style of card game that is quick to pick up and enjoyable for all ages. It is fun for the whole family, but still offers a unique challenge, with a fun theme, and tons of replayability. The premise of the game is that the players are different types of cat ladies who wish to collect cat cards of a specific type to meet the individual feline preferences of the cat lady they have been dealt that round.

Our main goals right now are to finalize the art for the game to replace the placeholder art used in the prototype, play test the finalized prototype at OzCon 2016, and we are currently developing a Kickstarter campaign that will launch this Summer to raise the capital needed for manufacturing the finished product. To keep up with the development of the game check back here regularly or you can follow me on Twitter @Game_Smith_SFS.

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