Jacob PouletteHello, my name is Jacob Poulette and I am an independent game developer located in the Ozarks of the United States, based out of the small town of West Plains, MO. I started Silicon Forge Studios in 2009 while I was finishing my senior year as an Undergraduate IT Major (with an emphasis in 3D Game Development) at Abilene Christian University. My goal was a simple one; establish a new game studio in the area that I grew up in, an area that is not thought of as a “traditional” hub of the gaming industry.

Besides running my own business I am currently the Department Head of the Computer Graphics & Programming department at Missouri State University – West Plains. The CGP program is a two year Associates of Applied Science degree that focuses on introducing students to the fields of Game Art, Programming, and Design.

This has allowed me to work with a talented pool of local artists, game designers, and programmers who have chosen to make their home far away from the large cities that many of the industry’s hot spots are centered around today. While this has offered its own set of challenges, it has also had its own unique rewards.